I was given the opportunity to design The Logo for Winnipeg's Professional soccer team Valour FC. The design of the crest incorporated many pieces of symbolism while creating a unique, easily identifiable silhouette. The elements of the crest were created to integrate seamlessly into many different merchandising options while maintaining a strong sense of the team's brand. It has been a very rewarding project, as not a day seems to go by without seeing people out in public who have embraced the brand and Valour FC. Read more about the Logo below. 
I was also charged with building out the Valour FC digital Game day experience for the two massive screens at IG field. To see this work click here: 
The logo is designed to be reminiscent of a military medal. The V representing the folded ribbon and the circle indicating the medal itself.
The V in the logo is comprised of two lines that “fold” to create three lines, representing how Winnipeg is more than the sum of its parts.
The centre of the V creates a graphic representation of the geographical point of where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. A location that has defined this city.
The right side of the V creates a W.
The logo was designed to be clean and modern but at the same time, incorporating the city’s rich soccer history by using parts of former crests.
The maroon circle is a nod to the banner on the Victoria Cross, which was awarded to the men who displayed the valour that inspired the team’s name.
The crest’s shape takes a cue from the merging of the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers within the heart of the city. The three lines represent the mighty Red and the two lines, the Assiniboine. These also echo the lines of the V of our logo.
The arc of wheat near the top of the crest represents the hard working argriculture industry that has been a mainstay is helping the city thrive. They are presented in a wide arc, as welcoming arms to people from all over the world.
At the top, VALOUR FC is moved from its place on the medal, moving it to a more prominent position. When used in this application, Winnipeg will be moved to inside the maroon circle.
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